Top Tips for Upping Your Game

The world of marketing can be a strange and exciting new world for many. Any business looking to join the global field is keen to welcome new customers into their business. This is where business networking events come in, with each exhibition stand looking to find its own place in the big bold world, and the success that comes along with it.

Profesional Exhibition Equipment

Results from exhibition stands or those looking to veer out into the exciting big world of success; here are a few do’s to help you on your way to getting networking savvy:

Product knowledge is key here. To promote brand awareness, one must be passionate about their product, and this means knowing what you are offering your customer. Learn everything you need to know about your brand, your competitors and the type of clientele you are targeting.

Say ‘Cheese’!
Keeping a positive mental attitude draws attention to your brand. Amongst all the other businesses out there, people will wonder what all the smiles and positivity is about that circles your exhibition stand. Make sure you are always picture ready for the pictures that will be circulated of the event after. The happy stand will speak volumes in itself

So many companies nowadays use the same old products for their marketing drive. Be bold, be creative and don’t be afraid to be different. Give your potential clients something to remember you by; something quirky, something catchy, something that singles you out from the rest.

Visual Aesthetics
Your exhibition display is what will draw attention to the crowd. Ensure your brand is visible and your product is seen. Be as creative, bold and visual as you need to be, but remember, this is about your brand and its reputation. It is important to get it right.

Why would they want to do business with you when there are so many similiar competitors out there? What is so different about you and your brand? What is your brand’s unique selling point? Work on this and promote it during the event; diversity is what people look for nowadays.

Know Your Target
Before selling your brand, remember who you are selling to. Who is your mainstream maket? B2B or B2C, ensure your event has the correct audience you are targeting. Know who are trying to appeal to and focus on this.

Take a Hike
Don’t keep all your staff glued to your stand. Don’t be afraid to venture out to sniff out the competition and to find potential clients. The event is your oyster, so network, network, network and mark your territory first. Leave a few of your information leaflets or merchandise around common areas, such as the canteen and networking cafes; this ensures your target will have seen your branding somewhere but ‘can’t quite figure out where they’ve seen you before.’

And finally, remember to set yourself a realistic goal. What are you expecting to achieve from your marketing drive? Are you expecting results from your exhibition stands? Be it brand recognition or lead generation, have something to focus on. Anything you achieve beyond this is just a bonus! Bring out that entrepreneur in you.

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